Dutch singer and songwriter Lilith Merlot is known for her warm and deep voice with a timeless feel. 


Growing up in a family of classically trained professional musicians, Lilith was enchanted by the beauty of harmony and melody from a very young age. Her youth was turbulent and she sought comfort in music, which you can hear in her original songs. “Even though, by now she is a mature, young woman, you can still hear a hint of the little, six year old girl in her songs, who just wants the sun to play on her face and for someone to stroke her hair.” (Jaap Koper for the Popunie, 2018). 


After graduating from the Rotterdam Conservatory, she released her first (self-titled) EP ‘Lilith Merlot’, followed by airplay on national radio and live shows at various festivals and clubs throughout the Netherlands, such as the beloved North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam and she opened for singer-songwriter Michael Prins during his clubtour. 


Lilith’s independent release ‘Speak Your Heart’ - a coproduction with producer and piano player Serge Dusault - has reached over 2 million streams on Spotify. 


Recently Lilith released her new single 'Burn Your Bridges', an intimate ballad based on heartfelt vocals and dreamy piano and electronics, composed and performed by Serge Dusault and herself. 

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photography by Rona Lane